School Principal Message

Sh. Anil S. Gholpe

At KV of Bhandara, we engage students in an educational journey that will support them in developing academic skills, content knowledge, healthy habits, and sound decision making. In the process of learning, we encourage students to think about various points of view and perspectives. We want them to leave Kulshan believing that they have the skills, capacity, and creativity to lead fulfilling, productive lives and positively contribute to the community and the world in which they live.

In acting upon our commitment to serve all students, our Vidyalaya staff members work together to care for each student as well as align our curriculum to grade level, district, and state frameworks supported by a rich base of materials and resources. We continue to grapple with the essential question: “How do we best support students within the school day who are struggling and provide extensions for those who are ready or would benefit for them?”

In tandem with our academic programs, we deliberately take steps to include students in creating a positive school community. Each individual student makes a difference in shaping a healthy learning environment - in classes, the activity rooms, thecomputer labs, and on excursion trips. We’re working with all students to help them develop the skills and attitudes that will facilitate them in taking leadership and finding productive solutions to challenges. We aspire for all students to feel important and to recognize that they influence what happens to and what goes on around them each day.

Our student cooperation and leadership – both overt and behind the scenes – is outstanding. Students make us smile and we are glad to be a part of their lives. It is a privilege for me, as the KV of Bhandara Principal to partner with staff members, students and their families in continuing to shape a safe, challenging, and nurturing school that is full of life, energy, and productivity.